Black + Gold

by Square Songs

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Our newest release recorded by Ryan Stack at Format Audio. This record is best enjoyed when played throughout in order. Thanks.


released 12 June 2012



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Track Name: Synonyms For Winter
Sweatshirt Pocket, crushed up cigarette.
Sand from the beach trip 08' late August.
Longest drive home, she was a shitshow.
Your friends are behind you asleep in das rear-view.
Windows open this could be the last time.
We drove night until dawn til the street you lived on.

A year comes to a close.
Break out your winter hand-me-downs.
Old clothes you never grew into.

Coffee spot crewneck, parking lot before work.
Boston Bruins t-shirt you refuse to wash.
Receipts from the bar night.
You used to live the Square life.
We can laugh about those days as we send them away.
Track Name: Synonyms For Autumn
Pulling in the Shipyard, Pumpkin to my head.
Mid to late October, wasted autumn breath.
So over das overcast i'll where the mast is pointing.
Bar-tops of empty glasses looks like my ship has come in.

Silver skin infected, scribbled in.
You say that days like these are rare.

I'm so fucking high it's like I never smoked.
Forgetting punchlines to mein jokes.

The characters you perched like birds
of pale blue lines of a notebook.
Forget how they read
you scribble the words you don't mean.

Silver skin infected, scribbled in.
(of all the words I read)
You say that days like these are rare.